Paid for by The Committee to Elect Alicia Britt Pierce - All Rights Reserved 2020.

PIERCE: Passion for Change

Below you will find what goals and ideas I have if I am elected.  Keep in mind that these goals and ideas are contingent on the other 6 County Commissioners, community involvement and county employees. 


Goal 1:  During the campaign-gain understanding from constituents/citizens of needs in their areas outside of my own concerns. 

My concerns are:

Wayne County Public Schools

  • Increase Teacher’s Supplement, so we can attract more qualified teachers to our community.

  • Renovate the existing schools

  • Provide funding for Career Technical Education classes at the high school levels.  (Automotive, Cosmetology, Culinary, Nursing, Daycare, etc…)


Job Creation is simple Economics.  If people work, they will spend and we collect more taxes.  We can also expect less crime when people are employed.

  • Change some policies to make the current jobs obtainable to the average citizen.


Reduction of Homelessness by creating more affordable housing and renovation of current real estate and infrastructure.


Goal 2:  First 6 months to 1 year

  • Gain understanding of the 28 budgets the county has and use for operations of Wayne County and its citizens.


Goal 3:  Once clarification of the budget is obtained.  Attempt to redistribute the funding, so that it can assist with the items identified in Goal 1. 

  • Economic Development – Parks and Recreation that produces revenue

    • Make existing parks handicap accessible with appropriate equipment