PIERCE: Passion for Change

Below you will find what goals and ideas I have if I am elected.  Keep in mind that these goals and ideas are contingent on the other 6 County Commissioners, community involvement and county employees. 


My concerns are:

Wayne County Public Schools

  • Increase Teacher’s Supplement, so we can attract more qualified teachers to our community.

  • Renovate the existing schools

  • Provide funding for Career Technical Education classes at the high school levels.  (Automotive, Cosmetology, Culinary, Nursing, Daycare, etc…)


Economic Development

  • Make Wayne County open for new companies and manufacturing industries.

  • Try to match the manufacturing skills and needs to High Schoo and Community College's classes. 

  • Job Creation is simple Economics.  If people work, they will spend and we collect more taxes.  We can also expect less crime when people are employed.

  • Change some policies to make the current jobs obtainable to the average citizen.


Reduction of Homelessness by creating more affordable housing and renovation of current real estate and infrastructure.



  • Support the our State Representatives in obtaining Medicaid Expansion

  • Push for more Mental Health Awareness
  • Make existing parks handicap accessible with appropriate equipment

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